Find on this page a collection of publications drafted in the course of the METAcancer implementation:

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04.04.2011: METAcancer press release: New opportunities for personalised cancer medicine


Hilvo M. et al:
Novel theranostic opportunities offered by characterization of altered membrane lipid metabolism in breast cancer progression

Cancer Research (in press) --- doi: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-10-3894


Kumari S, Stevens D, Kind T, Denkert C, Fiehn O.:
Applying in-silico retention index and mass spectra matching for identification of unknown metabolites in accurate mass GC-TOF mass spectrometry

Analytical Chemistry (accepted) 10/04/2011 - Epub ahead of print --- PubMed PMID: 21678983


Budczies J., Denkert C., Müller BG., Brockmöller S. F., Dietel M., Griffin J. L., Oresic M., Fiehn O.:
METAtarget - extracting key enzymes of metabolic regulation from high-througput metabolomics data using KEGG reaction information

GI-Edition: Lecture Notes in Informatics 20/09/2010 pp103-112


Budczies J.:
Genome-wide gene expression profiling of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded breast cancer core biopsies using microarray
The journal of histochemistry and cytochemistry 59(2) 01/02/2011 pp146-157 --- PMID: 21339180


Kind T., Fiehn O.:
FiehnLib: mass spectral and retention index libraries for metabolomics based on quadrupole and time-of-flight gas chromatography/mass spectrometryAnalytical Chemistry 81 23/11/2009 10038 - 10048 --- DOI: 10.1021/ac9019522


Kind T., Fiehn O.:
What are the obstacles for an integrated system for comprehensive interpretation of cross-platform metabolic profile data? Bioanalysis 1 01/12/2009 1511 - 1514 --- DOI: 10.4155/bio.09.141


Abate S., Fiehn O.:
Determination of elemental compositions by gas chromatography - time of flight mass spectrometry using chemical and electron ionization
Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 24 30/04/2010 1172 - 1180 --- DOI: 10.1002/rcm.4482




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